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Leapfrog promo code & Discount Code and Coupons

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Leapfrog More information about

Leapfrog – the world hightech brand for children includes all kind of products such as Learning Tablets, Reading systems, Gaming systems, ect. All the time, with nonstop researching, discovering and making progress, Leapfrog brings to people new feelings, refreshment in their styles by inventing, digging deeper into children’s characteristics, psychology and the connection with the nature in order to find out the smartest, useful sorfware, and requisite apps and relaxation that support for the development of children mental. The newest Leapfrog Leappad 2 Explorer does not disappoint user at all, with outstanding achievements in fulfill people needs and becomes the most trust worthy partner of parents and teachers in educating children.

LeapFrog Explorer Features

  • Unlimited learning resources and extra helpful games for children from 3 to 9
  • Very cute apps, games and other resources that originated with purpose of support multiskill: read, music, science, art, language, and so on.
  • Include 5 apps: Pet Pad, Learing Songs, Art Studio, Choosen app and Cartoon Director app.
  • Need 4 AA batteries. Adjust tp the Leappad2 recharger Pack.
  • New Leappad 2, parents can feel free to link to Leapfrog Learning Path to see the children learning progress and improvement.

Leapfrog Explorer Review

Im a big fan of Leapfrog Leappad 2 and everything they bring to me is lot of fun and change into my family. First, my 5 years old son has improve a lot since i allow him to use this Leappad 2. With impressively improved apps and design compare to the first one, this second generation makes it quite convinient for my kid to use . The apps which is wiser scheduled and arranged could bring us more efficience to use. Everyday, i can teach my son learning to read easily and conveniently. Then, the entertainment on this device is quite diversified with many useful games that help much in developing children’s brain and intellect. My son really love this green color of the new seri, it becomes more attractive to him to bring. However, i have to set up plan for him to use this wisely but do not affect to the time that i teach him in reality. Of course, the combination between my method and the Leappad 2 do bring a good result to my son day by day. Sometimes, he show the unbelivable creativeness in thinking and impressive perspective about the world outside. I love that very much!

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